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V4 Silver

Continuation of the design of the appearance of V3, V4 has completely upgraded the structural strength and expansion ability. The biggest advantages of V4 is that it is a rare exquisite case which support full size MATX motherboard while keeping wiredrawing anode craft full aluminum material. It is made from the 1.5MM of magnalium material, and the surface is using wiredrawing anode craft. The products are very elegant and metallic. There is no screw found on front panel, top cover and even USB interface.
The top cover has be strengthened, besides the HDD rack can also strengthen the case, it is a great improvement for strengthening with the strengthened top and base plate. Three 8cm fans provide enough heat dissipation for the entire case, with 260mm length display card supported, enthusiastic fans don't need to worry for the difficulty of selecting display card anymore.
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