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RM4 Silver

Since hot hatch liked MATX standard RM3 launched, many reviews have been shown in major hardware enthusiasts BBS.
Unlimited materials input, automotive standard full tempered glass elements, solid and reasonable hardware structure design, simple and top grade industrial design, all of these let RM3 wins a high popularity. However, with the limitation of the sizes of MATX motherboard and water cooler, some users who would like to use ATX motherboard and split type water cooler can only look and sigh. In view of this, JONSBO team launch RM4 for those users with standard ATX and water cooler supported as the theme. Continued to keep the luxury materials used and industrial design thinking, by optimizing the arrangement of driver bracket, RM4 can support 360mm/280mm/240mm water cooler in the relatively small space inside the case. Even if user uses traditional advanced air cooler, internal space will not be waste too. Besides, with full transparent tempered glass side panel, user can display his cool luxury hardware. And for users who do not like lights, while no light is passing through the black semitransparent tempered glass, they can also return to have the simple and elegant experience.
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