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QT01 Black

Recent trends for most of the computer case are using iron net with exaggerated style, it is hard for some users who enjoy high quality life style to find a case in simple style with good quality materials, quiet and reasonable price. Gimmick such as using alots of fans and cheap sound absorbing sponge is not only not working but also misleading user's purchasing behavior. Thus our R&D department try to think whether it is possbile to get rid of all those trends and gimmicks to develop a rational product totally from the user's point of view. It is almost a mission impossible but finally we make it, it is our brand-new model, named Quiet Angel QT01. By making use of expensive professional viscoelastic acoustic insulating material on both side plates and front panel with four layer design, it is not just a simple gimmick like using cheap absorbing sponge but can truly control the noise level.A lot of utility functions such as textured wiredrawing aluminum plate, innovative long display card protection brackets, binding wires on the back of base plate, specialized protection wire loops, toolless hard disk buckles an space prepared for water-cooling are waiting for you to discover.
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