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  1. Comparing with V1, the front panel of V3 PLUS is designed to be simple style. The case is made from the 1.5MM of magnalium
      material, and the surface is using wiredrawing anode craft. The products are very elegant and metallic.
  2. Smart cooling design: Under the premise of ensuring good looking, a lots of regular holes in the side panel provide enough
      cooling channel for the case. In addition, user can place the power supply inward or outward to let it as an independent
      cooling channel or help the cooling of CPU.
  3. Integrated with USB3.0+USB2.0, it not only meets the needs for those who need to copy larger file and the demand of
      HD enthusiasts with 100M/S transfer rate, but also takes into account compatibility for supporting old motherboard in which
      there is not USB3.0 interface.
  4. By supporting standard ATX power supply, standard height graphics card, standard 3.5" and 2.5" hard disks and all standard
      desktop computer hardwares, end user can avoid the problem for finding non-standard hardware and after sales service.
  5. There is a reserved area on rear for installing four 40mm fans to provide enough cooling channel, moreover a DC module can
      be installed instead in order to prepare for full passive quiet HTPC.
  6. Damping rubber pads are used to protect the hard disks and reduce the resonance.
  7. The feet have been upgraded to silver wiredrawing pure rubber anti-shock feet, it can not only ensure the metallic style
      appearance but also keep the elasticity, and the pure rubber will not be deformed in a long period of time.
  8. By using new innovative rivet technology, rivet does not affect the other side of the aluminum plate anymore.
  9. Equipped with dual PCI slots, there are a lots of choices for hardware. All those standard ATI / Nivida display cards with
      single slot or dual slots shorter than 200mm are supported.
10. By using popular all black process wire, there is great visual impact on the visual sense.
11. For further reducing noise, damping rubber pads have been used between the top plate and the case.
12. It can not only install a 3.5" hard disks but also a 2.5" SSD at the same time.